Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Ways to Become a Better Football Player

There are many secrets to becoming a better football player, however; these are the top three secrets that we believe will maximize your winning percentage, help you and your team become fundamentally sound, and most importantly, make you the football player that you want to be!

The first secret to football success is believing in yourself and having confidence. If two teams have exactly the same athletic ability in every way but one team has more confidence, they will have the advantage and will more times than not they will win the game. The best way to boost your confidence is in practice. If you do really well in practice and build confidence, in the game, it will come naturally. Try to always do your best and show everyone your skills!

The second secret to football success is working hard. Some players will say that they are going to ''turn it on in the game'', however, this is not a great mental approach. If you don't work hard in practice, chances are you will not work hard in the game. Some coaches believe in the saying ''practice makes perfect'' but I disagree. If you practice poorly, you will play poorly. Perfect practice makes perfect!

The final secret to success in football is believing in your teammates and your coaches. This is very important because if a quarterback does not believe in a receiver or in his coaches to make the right call, he will probably not play to his maximum potential. A great team believes in each other and will do anything for their teammates. If you follow these secrets, you will become better!