Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is Competition Healthy?

Hi, I am here to explain about competition and how it is conducted. Let's start from here...

Competition is like a contest. It can be conducted within people, groups, etc. For example, cricket is like a competition conducted within various teams all over the world. I may also be defined as one or more groups aiming for a goal or for a success. Generally these competitions are held for human beings. Also animals have competitions within them for food, water and for prey. Humans also compete with each other for basic needs such as water, power supply, food, etc. Generally humans have high competitions for wealth and prestige. In each and every place competition exists. If you take big companies, they compete against each other for customers overseas.

Competition is good between two companies or between two parties but it should be a healthy one. For example, if two computer companies compete against each other, they will increase production and they will look for better products and will improve their quality. This can be a healthy. If it exists between two companies, you can be sure the products will be of high quality.

It may also occur in different levels and size. It may occur between two individuals or between groups of people. If it persists between two small stores then it is a small competition when compared to competitions between two huge companies. Competition may also occur in levels. If you consider a supermarket, it has various levels of employees, starting from store keeper to owner. It may occur in each level of the supermarket.

It may be classified into two categories. Destructive and Co-operative. Destructive competition occurs between individuals or organizations. Co-operative occurs to improve the level of happiness.

Competition may have both good and bad consequences. If it is healthy the consequences will be good. If the desire is prestige the consequence may turn the other way.

Competition in Education is always appreciated. Students must compete against each other to be the best. Various competitions are conducted for prizes and gifts. Even winning a title of Miss World or Miss Universe is also a kind of competition. So competitions can be healthy. This world is full of competitions. So do your best and win in the competition of life.