Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Care For Your Different Sculptures

A beautiful sculpture is a prized possession since apart from the money a lot of thought and effort goes in its purchase. Sometimes sculptures are mementos of a trip, or a gift by someone you love and this is why you would want to keep it looking as good as new. Here's how.

Bronze and Copper sculptures should be kept away from excess heat and humidity. Keep it as dust free as possible by cleaning with a soft WHITE cloth or a SOFT brush; using colored cloth may sometimes result in transfer of color from cloth to sculpture. If needed to be washed use a mild soap and distilled water. You also keep it new by applying wax periodically but be careful that the wax is free from any cleaning agent.
Wood sculptures unlike its metal friends should be kept in areas that have moisture since dry air causes the most damage to wood so this also should not be exposed to excessive and direct sunlight. Just remember that it was once a tree! You can increase its life span by applying a coat of varnish on it. Avoid too much handling to prevent fast wearing down and also because oil from the hands will make it greasy. Dust it regularly with a soft feathered duster or a soft cloth.
Glass sculptures are the most delicate pieces and need a gentle touch while cleaning. Pick up from the base and place on a towel while cleaning. Never put it under a direct stream of water as some pieces might not be able to withstand the water pressure and break.
Marble structures have a tendency for staining; hence it should be kept very clean and if being used outdoors must be placed slightly above the ground to prevent direct contact with dirt and moisture.
Stoneware is the easiest to clean as most of them can be easily washed with soap and water. Hot water is safely used in this type facilitating the cleaning.